Apogee Brewing

Eccentricity in Crafting, Discerning in Taste

What’s an apogee?

apo·gee noun: a-pe-jē

1:  the point farthest from a heavenly body reached by an object orbiting it

2:  the farthest or highest point: apex, acme, climax, peak, zenith

Brewing reached its apogee upon the founding of a company, fittingly named Apogee Brewing.


In 2010 a small group of gentlemen (highlighted on the Who’s Who page) gathered together to share in their passion for brewing.  Years later those same gentlemen, using quality above all things as their guide, have honed their craft, pushed the outer limits of conventional wisdom, and in doing so have produced some of the tastiest libations this side of the Pecos.  The path forward is still developing, but whatever route is to be taken we promise to work our best to ensure it ends with an Apogee beer at your table.